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Welcome To My Blog

I am so excited to share my life with you guys on a personal level,


Where do I begin…I will begin with introducing you my one and only Sheeper, the best friend, the go to person, my son and sweet hearted baby American Cocker Spaniel I have grown up all my life with till I moved to Canada for living.


Still, my heart is with him in Dubai, and I am grateful that my family is taking care of him,


Name: Sheeper

Born on 29 December 2014

He is black and white with blond eyebrows

He is lovely, adorable, playful and nice and unique

He became part of our family when he was 7 months old.

Now he is 13 and I miss him every day and try to visit him when I get any chance.


That is the reason, I still do destination weddings back in Dubai. So I can enjoy my endless hours of work on weddings and go home to play with him.



I will share with you some of his pictures and our memories together,


When he was a baby and I was 15.

The resolution is not that good, but it’s a great memory when he was just baby


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