Hello, I am Atusa Zamanian Zeinali (I know, long name right?) I am Persian, have lived all my life in Dubai and now I am in Canada. So let me tell you about myself, I love everything super-luxurious, glamorous and sparkly. Trust me I am in love with glitters and diamonds.

Every person in this world has a soul mate somewhere and of course a Prince Charming will come to rescue his love. I believe in Love, Faith and Hope.

I grew up in a business-oriented family, who taught me from an early age how to be professional and precise, so everything has always been Business, Business, Business!

While running various businesses in different fields, I was also organizing events and exhibits for my family and friends, which led me to realize that there is more satisfaction and happiness in bringing joy to other people’s lives and create memorable events for others. I felt more satisfaction bringing people’s visions of happiness to reality. It was then that I realized my passion for event planning was my career calling. It was something that genuinely made me happy.

When I came to Canada, I completed my post-graduate certificate in Event Management and Exhibit design from Seneca College. I pursued my Wedding Coordination Certificate and Destination Wedding Certificate from The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and I hold a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from American University in Dubai, UAE. In regards to other certifications, I also have TICO, CPR, Smart serve, and a degree in Meditation. People have told me I am passionate, obsessed with details and highly organized.

Believe me, if you ask me to recall an important memorable event, I can tell you the exact date and walk you through the memory with vivid details. That’s right, I never forget anything!!

Now here I am, the founder of my own company and I am trying to make appositive difference in other people’s lives.. I firmly believe that I will make my mark in the world of event planning.

My signature is specializing in events that touch the body, mind and soul.