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Investor Immigration To Canada with Atusa Zamanian Immigration Services

Investor immigration to Canada refers to the process by which individuals from outside Canada can invest in the Canadian economy and development, create new jobs and business opportunities, and obtain permanent residence in Canada under an official “investor immigration program”

1. The federal Immigrant Investor Program is currently closed and no longer accepting applications

2. However, the province of Quebec has its own business immigration programs: Quebec Investor Program and Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Quebec Investor Program The Quebec Investor Program allows individuals who have business experience and a net worth of at least CAD $2 million to invest CAD $1.2 million into a passive government guaranteed investment for a period of five years. After the five-year period, the full amount of CAD $1.2 million is returned to the investor without interest. The program is currently suspended until April 1, 2023.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program The Quebec Entrepreneur Program has two streams: Stream 1 is for individuals who wish to create or acquire and operate a business in Quebec. Applicants must have a net worth of at least CAD $900,000 and must invest at least CAD $300,000 in the business if it is located in the Montreal Metropolitan Area or at least CAD $200,000 if it is located outside of the Montreal Metropolitan Area. Stream 2 is for individuals who have already operated a business in Quebec for at least one year as a work permit holder. Applicants must have a net worth of at least CAD $900,000 and must own at least 25% of the business.

Another option for investors is the Start-up Business Class under the Business Immigration Program 3.

Start-up Business Class under the Business Immigration Program The Start-up Business Class is part of Canada’s Business Immigration Program and is designed to encourage and facilitate the admission of successful business people who are seeking new opportunities and challenges. To apply under this class, applicants must have a qualifying business and must receive a letter of support from a designated organization (such as a venture capital fund, angel investor group or business incubator). Applicants must also meet language proficiency requirements and have enough money to settle in Canada.